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As noted by Bloomberg New Energy Finance’s report “The Solar Portfolio Hunters: Focus on the Acquisition and Valuation of Solar Assets,” a total of US$10.8 billion worth of solar photovoltaics were purchased in 2011. On a global level, 3.9GW of solar power projects were acquired, which may also have been affected by the falling cost in solar PV.

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There’s a solar solution for everyone. True!

Have you ever wondered how much you could save with solar? If you don’t have rooftop solar panels you’re missing the opportunity to save hundreds on your power bill every quarter. To give you a better idea of what solar can do for you - we’ve developed our simple, easy-to-use savings calculator.

Solar Calculator

Step 1

Why does my location matter?

To enable the most accurate information we need to know where you are in Australia. Your location effects the irradiance levels for your solar system which in turn changes the system output and your savings. Don’t fret, even people in the south of Tasmania get enough power from the sun to warrant an investment in solar energy.

If you’re curious about how solar irradiation effects solar savings, you can go back and change your location to recalculate at any time.

Step 2

What will you do with my bill information?

We treat user privacy very seriously and will only use your bill information to provide a solar savings estimate based on your location and energy use.




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