10 Energy Saving Tips For Australian Households

August 27 2014


It’s easy for your energy usage and bills to creep up, especially in extreme hot or cold weather. Here are some simple tips you can do straight away to help reduce your energy use:


Block Cracks and Gaps

Spaces under doors and cracks in walls can let out heat or cool air, meaning your appliances have to work harder to heat or cool your spaces, resulting in bigger energy usage. Use draught stoppers to block the gaps under doors, and look at having other problem areas fixed. Another great solution for reducing energy costs is including insulation in your home. Insulation isn’t a quick fix, but something to consider for long-term savings.

Switch Appliances Off at Power Point

Appliances that remain on stand-by when switched off (like your TV when turned off by remote) are still using energy. Switching them off at the wall means that you are preventing unnecessary power use. If you use a power board for appliances in the same room, you can turn all of them off with one easy flick of a switch!


Energy Efficient Bulbs

One of the quickest and easiest ways to start saving energy and money immediately, is to change to energy efficient globes. You can find these globes from specialty suppliers, or cheaper versions at local the supermarket and there are different options depending on your needs.

Lamp Lighting

If you don’t need a whole room to be lit up, use a lamp or a spotlight instead of turning on every light in the room. When building a home, plan ahead and have one switch for each light, so that you have the option of using individual lights rather than turning on numerous lights unnecessarily.



Wash your clothes using cold water, which will save on the power needed to heat the water. Waiting until you have a full load is also a great way to save energy and money, and applies to running the dishwasher as well.


Line dry clothes and linens instead of using a clothes drier. If you don’t have access to a clothes line, use a clothes horse for clothes, and staircases and doors for sheets and towels. Drying on an outdoor line isn’t possible when it’s raining, but is quick, easy, and energy efficient other times of the year!


Short Showers

Cut down shower time to use less hot water. This is beneficial because you use less water and less energy to heat the water. To improve on that, install a water-saving shower head to save even more water.

Travel Time

If you’re going away on holiday for more than a couple of days, turn off your water heater. You won’t be using hot water while you’re away from home, so there’s no need to be keeping it heated!


Seal The Deal

Your fridge is probably one of your most costly appliances, because it is running all the time (which is a necessity). To ensure it is running at it’s most efficient, check that the seals are working. A fridge with faulty seals has to work harder to keep the inside cool, using more energy.

Put a Lid on It

Cook with lids on pots and pans. Dinner will cook faster and you’ll save energy by being more efficient. Who doesn’t want dinner served faster while saving money?

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The Bendigo Art Gallery is going green

April 07 2014

As part of the recent refurbishment a commercial-scale 15kW solar system has been installed on the roof.

Bendigo Council City Futures director Stan Liacos said it ensured the building’s infrastructure will function well into the future and recognised the Council’s interest in renewable energy sources.

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YouCan Save $10000s with Solar

April 07 2014

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Renegades and Bombers Square Off at True Value Solar Centre

January 08 2014

January 8, 2014: With Australia’s interest in cricket at its height following the Ashes series whitewash, two of True Value Solar’s major sports sponsorships will square off this Friday in a 10/10 game of cricket.

International cricket superstar Muttiah Muralitharan and Bombers captain Jobe Watson will take the field for the Melbourne Renegades and Essendon Football Club in the modified cricket match that is open to all fans.

The match starts at 3pm on Friday January 10 and will be played at the True Value Solar Centre next to Melbourne Airport, which is also a major community sponsor of the match. “This is a big moment for True Value Solar as both the Renegades and Bombers are our favourite sports sponsorships,” said Leon Siebel, True Value Solar’s Group General Manager. “Both clubs truly exude the philosophy of powering change and both work hard to involve their communities. The cricket match this Friday is a great demonstration of how these clubs connect with people.”

The modified cricket match will see all players bat and bowl for an over each, should a player be deemed out during their over then 5 runs will be deducted from that team’s total.

The afternoon will include cricket and football skills clinics, autograph opportunities, giveaways as well as membership and merchandise opportunities.


EFC takes on the Renegades

Proudly Presented by Melbourne Airport
Date:  Friday 10th January, 2014
Time: From 2pm, cricket match from 3pm
Venue:  True Value Solar Centre, 275 Melrose Drive, Melbourne Airport


Bombers unveil True Value Solar Centre

November 22 2013

November 18, 2013: Essendon Football Club is powering change for a sustainable future, announcing its new training and administration facility at Melbourne Airport will be a green building, known as the True Value Solar Centre.

Essendon chairman Paul Little unveiled the new naming rights partnership at the official opening of the True Value Solar Centre this evening.

Little said the new partnership with True Value Solar was an exciting and meaningful initiative for the club.

“We are thrilled to announce our new training and administration facility will be known as the True Value Solar Centre,” Little said.


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