Solar Panels in Sydney

Solar Panels in Sydney: Leading the World towards a Low-Carbon Future

Go Green and Keep Your City Clean with solar panels in Sydney!

For the past decade or so, the costs of solar panels in Sydney and Australia in general has seen a dramatic decline, which is expected to continue for a long time to come. This article is going to be about how Australia got this far and some of the powerful benefits of using solar panels as an alternate means of generating energy.

So, Why Exactly has Australia been so Successful?

Firstly, Australian installers are more aggressively taking advantage of the fact that they no longer need to rely on Chinese or German solar panel technology, mainly because of some of the recent advancements in solar panel technology that has produced an abundance of high-tiered modules being made domestically.

By using domestically made modules and inverters, some installers of solar panels in Sydney and the rest of Australia have been able to price their PV systems as low as 1.50 dollars/Watt. This is great news for the would-be solar panel buyers who are scoping the Australian market for a good deal.

Secondly, the Australian market might have seen the smaller 1.5 kW residential systems as an advantage rather than an obstacle to overcome. The portable sized power systems allowed for more standardized approaches, enabling installers to complete their jobs more quickly and efficiently, which resulted in attaining a learning curve that Germany and other countries were only able to attain by using much higher installed PV capacities.

Odds of Australia Becoming a Leader in Solar Panel Technology:

This may be news for you but Australia is currently going neck to neck with Germany on a solar metric that’s equally important in the solar panel technology and that is the PV system pricing.

These costs will inevitably set Australia up as a prominent solar market that is poised for continued growth and leadership. Apart from the fact that even with the disappearance of generous state-level feed-in tariffs, the market fundamentals of solar energy are very strong in most areas of the country, for example, solar panels in Sydney have been doing great. For instance, Australia has great sunshine the whole year round, and it has attractive market conditions, that is, low capital costs and a long-term carbon pricing market. Australia also happens to have a very high cost of traditional electricity from the grid, which currently stands at an average rate of more than 27 cents/kWh. All these factors have to be weighed in when considering Australia as a likely candidate for being a leader in solar panel technology in the not so distant future.

To add context, a Bloomberg report from earlier this year also noted that unsubsidized renewable energy from solar panel technology in Australia is already cheaper than electricity from both newly-built coal and gas fired generators.

Benefits of Using Solar Panels in Sydney:

The following are some of the well-known benefits of going green:


Let’s face it: the sun isn’t going to die anytime soon. Therefore the sun, being the source of solar energy, is definitely going to be around for a long time, way after the fossil fuels are depleted. This is the most important argument that works in favour of solar panel energy.

Renewable Energy:

Solar energy is renewable and has unlimited potential when it comes to producing energy. It is also pretty much a constant source of energy and this gives it an advantage over thermal and nuclear energy.

Environmentally Friendly:

The energy from solar panels is one of the cleanest forms of energy. Unlike fossil fuels, it does not release greenhouse gases and toxic fumes that cause harm to the environment.

Wise Investment:

Though the installation of solar panel equipment to capture and utilize the rays of the sun costs money, there are no operational costs involved. Moreover, there are no taxes to be paid for solar energy which is a definite plus point for those domestic users who are looking to save energy costs by installing solar panels in Sydney.

Low Maintenance:

Solar panels in Sydney, once installed, need little or no maintenance. In this way, solar panels in Sydney that are used to capture solar energy are very reliable and there are no moving parts which break or need replacement. A typical solar panel can actually last for up to twenty years or longer if used appropriately.

Energy Independence:

The energy produced from solar panels in Sydney offers you the opportunity to be completely independent of the grid station. Solar panels in Sydney allow you to be completely self-sufficient and never pay another monthly electricity bill.

Easy Availability:

Third world countries that also happen to be tropical, such as Pakistan, can easily avail the benefits of the sun and its tremendous energy. It is also possible to save this energy and then use it at night.

What does Using Solar Panels in Sydney Say About Your Personality?

On a lighter note, here is what using solar panels in Sydney says about you:
• I had some spare cash and wanted a fantastic return so I invested in solar panels.
• I hate paying big companies for energy and playing into their hands, so I am taking full advantage of the benefits of solar panel technology.
• I really love technology and am always keen to demonstrate it.
• I want everyone to know what a nice person I am, because I look after the environment.
• I want to do my bit for the environment and using solar panels is a good way to reduce dependence on the traditional forms of energy.
• I want my kids to live in a cleaner, sustainable world.
Some of you might tick all of the above, some of you might tick just one, but it all boils down to one thing: solar panels are the way to go, any way you look at it.

Bottom Line:

In a world where cost is king, Australia is proving that it can be a unique model for continued solar panel technology in the long haul. If things keep going the way they are, there is no doubt that Australia will be a powerful leader and partner in ushering in an electricity system which is cleaner and better than the traditional electricity from the grid. So, spread the word of solar panels in Sydney. Call True Value Solar at 1300 729 009 and get high-quality solar panels in Sydney that can work for up to 25 years.

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