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Smart Power: Use a Solar Panel Calculator to Get a Snapshot of Your Daily Power Consumption

How to Calculate a Solar Panel, Things You Need to Know!

In one hour, the sun casts enough energy on the earth’s surface to provide the entire world with electricity for a whole year! Solar radiation is by far our most abundant natural resource. It is just a matter of capturing it and knowing exactly how much you utilize. If you haven’t guessed it by now, this article is going to be all about the solar power industry’s most popular solar tool, the solar panel calculator. If that’s got you wondering, no, it’s not a solar powered calculator.

So what is a Solar Panel Calculator?

The solar panel calculator gives you information on how large your solar panels need to be. A solar panel calculator is basically used to provide you with insight on how much power you get from the solar panels that you have installed along with giving you information on how much of that power you consume on a daily basis, thus, enabling you to save money with your solar panels. In other words, a solar panel calculator is an online tool that is used to measure the unknown quantity by two known quantities which are applied for single phase solar panel connections.

Solar Panel Calculator: What You Need to Know

The solar panel calculator will ask for things like your usage in kilowatt-hours per month and how much of that usage you would like to generate from your solar array. It will also ask you about which part of the country you live in. If you plan to use an off-grid system, it will ask questions specific to battery banks. Most people will be using an on-grid system to offset their power bill, so let’s just focus on the parameters for the on-grid calculator.
The solar panel calculator will want the percentage of your overall power usage that you want your solar panel system to produce. A lower percentage here means you will need a smaller, less expensive solar panel and less power generation while a higher percentage means you will need a larger, more expensive system with greater power generation.

The next solar panel calculator question will be about which part of the country you live in or your total number of sun-hours per day. Hopefully, it just asks for your city and will automatically look up your local average sun-hours per day along with your city information. If not, you will need to look up your average sun-hours per day yourself before inputting a value in the solar panel calculator. You can do this by checking online via search engines or by using the appropriate printed reference material.

Another parameter the solar panel calculator could ask for is the size or wattage of the panels you intend to use. It will use this value to calculate an appropriate number of panels that will suit your needs. The solar panel calculator does this by dividing your total required wattage by the watts per panel and rounding up to the nearest whole panel. Remember that the solar panel calculator is only as good as the information you provide, so be certain before filling in the answers.

Additional Information of a Solar Panel Calculator:

The solar panel calculator tool can also provide you with the following information:

Solar Radiance:

Solar radiance (insulation) is the amount of solar energy received by a given surface area in a given time period, commonly expressed in kilowatt-hours per square meter per day (kWh/sqm/day). This measurement varies according to the weather and latitude of a given location.

Roof Size:

This is the approximate roof size needed with exposure to the sun, in order to accommodate your solar power system. It can be determined by taking the size of the system and dividing that by 10 to get square footage (based on 10 Watts per square foot).

Average Monthly Savings:

You can use the solar panel calculator tool for post-installation of solar panels on your house or commercial property.

25-year Savings:

Based on what you save over a twenty-five year period, assuming a yearly 4% increase in utility rates. You can also calculate a twenty-five year return on investment for installing the solar panels, by using a solar panel calculator tool and your break-even point in that number of years.

Carbon Footprint:

Finally, this free solar panel cost calculator will tell you how many pounds of carbon dioxide (CO2) you are responsible for with your yearly electricity use.

Benefits of the Solar Panel Calculator:

Energy Efficiency:

Improving your home’s energy efficiency will reduce the size of the solar panel system that you will need. Using a good solar panel calculator like that of True Value Solar will allow you to attain a “net-zero” energy bill.

Tiered Rates:

Often, people pay a “tiered” rate for their electricity. This has a higher rate than the base rate for electricity charged when a home or building uses more than a “Base” amount allocated for the building. Installing a solar panel system will reduce your electrical demand from the utility. This can result in a lower utility rate because you stay within the “Base” rate level. In this case, using a good solar panel calculator can enable you to get information on your monthly net consumption of power that is produced from the solar panels.

Solar Power Fixes Energy Costs:

The cost of sunshine is free. While the sun rises every morning, the cost of sunshine does not. Utility rates, on the other hand, tend to rise steadily. So, the value of your savings from a solar panel system is likely to increase as time goes by if you use the information provided by the solar panel calculator appropriately. If you are on a fixed income, this may be of particular interest to you.

Did You Know?

The average homeowner saves over a thousand dollars (that’s Australian) a year on electricity by installing solar panels on top of their roof. That also includes the cost of the solar panels along with its installation. Want to know more? Contact your local solar panel providers today at 1300-737-519.

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