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3 Easy Steps to Going Solar

Friday, November 30, 2012

With numerous technical terms and government schemes to follow, choosing to go solar may seem to be a daunting step. This is why True Value Solar, Australia’s largest solar company is dedicated to making the process easy for all Australians using 3 easy steps.

Going solar can begin with a simple phone call to 13SOLAR. Our solar specialists will be able to walk through the entire process of going solar in layman’s terms explaining the benefits of going solar and the relevant steps that need to be taken.

By simply knowing your electricity consumption, available roof space and individual budget, our solar specialists will be able to determine a suitable sized solar power system to suit your needs. The size of a solar system is determined by the output produced by the array of solar panels as well as the capacity of the inverter.

You can then simply place an order over the phone. All True Value Solar systems are installed by accredited solar installers and you can have peace of mind of buying from Australia’s largest solar company.

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True Value Solar provides a range of high quality solar power systems at a low cost to each of its customers. For further details on a solar power system that suits you, please contact a solar specialist on 13SOLAR (13 76 52). Alternatively, you can fill in the Quick Quote form below and one of our solar specialists will be in touch with you shortly.

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